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Re: So angry at husband!

Originally Posted by aine View Post
He is showing you who he is, his events are more important. Most women want to feel secure and safe and count on their H. Tell him this as he has failed miserably.
Believe me when I tell you he will not change, so in future, you demand he do it. If he huffs and puffs, there has to be consequences. In future I would book a hotel near the work place and not just come home if the car is not working. Come up with another solution, that does not involve him, if he complains tell him that if he would do what he is supposed to do then you wouldn't have to make alternative arrangements.
I did this the second he made me feel like I was a bother. I'll be sure to ask him how it feels having someone else ensure his wife gets to work safely. I want him to know I couldn't rely on him for that and I don't need him to resolve this issue. I don't even want him involved in the process. If I come home iwth a new car, too bad. He didn't want to help so Idon't want to update him on the process. If I have to dip into OUR savings to finance a new one so ****ing be it.

No person (especially my husband) will make me feel like I'm some tolerated being that is more of a bother than anything else for long. I genuintely don't think my expectation for him to skip ONE practice while we organized the car (this all happened at 8 PM on a Sunday) was out of line.
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