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Re: Question regarding dog and tartar on teeth....

Originally Posted by Ursula View Post
I just had my one dog into the vet for exactly the same thing, and it was $1300, but that was also with a senior blood screening, which is important to get. Both our dogs will be 9 this year. It is kind of an insane price, but it's important to do, as periodontal disease can cause other things to fail, like kidneys. We recently also had a family dog fight of kidney failure successfully, but it was touch and go for awhile. Truth be told, I cringe when paying canine dental bills, but after seeing what my folks went through with the canine acute kidney failure, I'll quite happily pay for dental it it'll help keep other things running tip-top!

My dog is also 9. I had his teeth cleaned twice already and will do again. Poor hygiene will lead to rotting teeth, pain for the dog, risk of infection etc. Yes, the bills suck but what I get back from the dog in love and affection is worth the money.

The blood screening is a must.
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