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Re: lingering questions in my mind

Its time to put on your big boy pants on, and act like man. First and foremost you set the questions and the rule of engagement not her, she does not get to make the rule...whether you move on with your lives or not is your decision

the first thing to say is that Divorce is on the table

2. did you expose her affair to need to shame her to her family
3. Expose him to his wife...if she refuses to give you the name...go directly to divorce
3. If she works with him she has to leave her job
4. she has to sit down and write a timeline to everything
5. complete transparency no passwords no holding the phone, no deleting text, no special apps.
6. get tested with STD both of you
7. and she accepts a polygraph as well
8. couseling

if she says no to any of these divorce.....

If your afraid to do this then accept that you are going to be cuckold spouse for the rest of your marriage.

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