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3 Relationship Hacks to Instantly Strengthen Your Marriage

As much as you and your partner may love each other, maintaining a strong and healthy marriage can be a challenge. You are two individual people with your own needs, preferences, and opinions, so youíre bound to clash once in a while. If you want to make your relationship as strong as possible now so you can deal with challenges later down the road, try these three relationship hacks.

1. Smile More

It might sound silly, but forcing yourself to smile in the moments when you donít feel like it can actually induce a biochemical change in your brain that will help you to feel better. Itís like that saying, ďFake it until you make itĒ. In general, people who smile more often tend to be more emotionally stable and more positive which carries over into all aspects of their life, including relationships. There are also studies which have shown that seeing someone else smile can stimulate your heart and brain in a positive way more than having sex or eating chocolate. If the two of you smile together, the benefits will be compounded!

2. Use Pet Names

Do you and your spouse have pet names for each other? This too might sound silly but having pet names for each other may actually help you and your spouse feel closer to each other. Having special names for one another is a sign of a healthy relationship. But why? Having pet names for each other is an example of insider language that couples use. According to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, that insider language is correlated with higher levels of satisfaction in relationships. If you donít have pet names for each other, try to come up with some!

3. Hold Hands

Many couples donít like to make public displays of affection, but the simple act of holding hands (even in your own home) can help you feel closer with your partner and it can reduce your stress levels as well. It is unfortunate but true that many couples drift apart over the course of their relationship and small gestures like holding hands fall to the wayside. Make an effort to show your spouse more physical affection and be open to receiving it yourself. Hold hands when youíre out at a movie, while youíre walking around the grocery store, or when youíre watching TV on the couch.

In addition to these relationship hacks, there are many other things you can do to strengthen your marriage. One of them is to make an effort not to hold grudges. If your spouse does something wrong you can definitely confront them, but if they make an honest apology you need to accept it and let it go. You also need to realize that sometimes people do things unintentionally that upset the people around them. Pick your battles, choosing to let the small things go but have a conversation with your spouse about bigger problems before you get mad.

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