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Re: Duty sex only

You need to up your game. Though it's common for mothers libido to tamper down after a 2nd child, there are things that you can do to create more attraction.

If her desire for sex is down, the problem can be compounded by a husband that let's himself go. Many times we husband can get comfortable and not make an effort the way we did when we were trying to woo our wife. I'm not advocating non-stop effort but there has to be a balance.

A date night at least once a month can help. An occasional small gift just because. Also you have got to take care of your appearance. Make sure you're working out and eating right so you can keep looking good. Also don't neglect your hair, clothes, and hygiene. If your wife notices you're looking good, she knows other women will notice as well. That can spur her to up her game by wanting to bang you.
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