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Originally Posted by podiumboy View Post
Oral sex is completely off the table, giving or receiving.
Was oral always off the table?

Originally Posted by podiumboy View Post
I found a couple articles in her search history (I'll explain why I was looking in a second) about how to overcome sexual aversion and how to get back her sex drive as a mother of 2 young kids. She doesn't know why her sex drive is gone, but she is confident that one day it will return. She says she wants to want to have sex... whatever that means.
What this means is that her libido has disappeared, she wishes it hadn't and she'd like to get it back.

This is fairly common for women in a long term relationship after having kids.

Her libido may indeed come back. Then again, it might not.

The good news is that she's aware of the problem and sees it as a problem.

Now you need to get her to work with you on solving the problem as a team.

She isn't happy about it, but doing nothing and hoping her libido returns at some indefinite point in the future isn't the answer.
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