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Originally Posted by podiumboy View Post
How can I say it in a way that isn't "I know you work part-time, go to college full time, and raise 2 kids, but could you also please put my **** in your mouth?"
There's nothing wrong with communicating your desires to your wife. Ask her for what you want. You guys have a partnership, she takes care of you, you take care of her. Together, you then take care of your kids. Your needs are just as important as hers, and more important than your children's.

Why is she working, going to college, and raising kids all at once? She needs to thin her responsibilities list. She should be able to keep you at the top of her list of priorities. When your spouse starts getting knocked down to the 3rd, 4th, or 5th place on the list, that's when other responsibilities need to be eliminated.

You and your wife are the foundation of your family. If the foundation suffers, so will everything built upon it.

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