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Re: The O'Reilly Factor Debacle

The advertisers haven't pulled from Fox, only from O'Reilly, so Fox is shuffling ads around currently. That could still change.

Personally, I don't like O'Reilly. I don't watch Fox News. Still, I think it appears that this is likely part of the Media Matters campaign against any program that isn't extremist left. Look at what's being done to YouTube right now, which is even more concerning, as YouTube is the new frontier for media, and the largest platform out there.

I don't know anyone who actually thinks that because X company bought advertisements on Y program, then they endorse every thing host Z does behind closed doors, that they couldn't possibly have known about. This is false moral preening. Virtue signalling, and it's not even genuine.

As to what I think about the allegations, I wouldn't be surprised. But I believe in innocent until proven guilty (or at least until there's some serious evidence) and right now O'Reilly has responded by claiming that there has never even been an anonymous HR report against him, let alone one with an actual accuser, so I'm dubious. Women lie. Especially when they get angry, jealous, etc. And IME they are far more likely to lie to authority figures to extort someone, than a man is. (Not that men don't do it)

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