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Re: The O'Reilly Factor Debacle

Yes to all that especially the bit about cruise and Scientology. It stuns me that he accepts all this 'free' labor from Sea Org folks who are clearly brainwashed and badly treated.

And the youtubes of him addressing the faithful are truly scary. But hey I'm just one more in a long line of 'suppressive people' who are enemies of Scientology. FWIW I found the South Park episode on Scientology hilarious.

One last thing about bill o. He has this big theme about families and how the breakdown of family is why so many minority communities have many social issues. But he didn't just get divorced. He went as scorched earth on his ex as a rich, powerful man can. He didn't just TELL his ex wife to go to hell. He did his best to actually SEND her there via the excommunication angle.

Just seems a bit inconsistent with his on air messaging.

Originally Posted by Fozzy View Post
I'd be the last person to defend O'Reilly. I think he's an ass. But the thing is, that's his job. He, and every other talking head on cable news is paid to be a giant hemorrhoid. Sponsors know that, and line up with their advertising dollars anyway. EVERY single one of them will go off the deep end at some point, so why don't we just pre-emptively boycott all of them now and save time?

People know what they're tuning in to. They know these people are megalomaniacs, firebrands, bomb-throwers, and worse. That's why they have TV shows.

And I've yet to see a fundamentalist church moral outrage group, media watchdog, angry mom organization or anything of the like that wasn't extremist. I think we should lock all of the outrageous and the outraged together in a cargo ship and sail them all to Antarctica.

Edit to add: Regarding O'Reilly's personal life---I believe he probably did all of that stuff. I also think Tom Cruise is second in command of a dangerous cult that abuses and defrauds its own members. Yet I don't see people lining up to boycott Mission Impossible movies.
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