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New here, Dead fiancees parents are trying to take my son

Sorry if this isn't the place or anything like that just at the end of my rope right now and I need some help. My fiancee and I were togeather for a few years and we had an oops moment and she gave birth to our son who is 8 months old. Well we were on our way to pick our son up from my parents house after getting back in town from vacation well on our way to my parents house we were hit by a drunk driver and my fiancee was killed and I am still recovering from the wreck. This was about three months ago I haven't even had time to grieve yet alone take care of myself and get back to 100% and now her parents have approached me trying to gain custody of my son the only thing that connects me to her. I don't understand why they think this is remotely ok or appropriate and when they came over a few days asking for this I am not going to lie I got incredibly angry and lost it on them. I mean can they really take my kid from me? I can't lose my son he is the only reason I am still breathing right now honestly or even still functioning as well as I am. I don't know what to do, I don't know if I have the strength to fight this I shouldn't have to fight this. I mean I already blame myself enough and I know they blame me as well and If I could do it all over again I would gladly switch places with her I would so very much trade places with her if I could. Trying my best to take care of my son I have been going to physical therapy for my wreck injuries been going beyond what the doctors have asked of me to try and get better. But it isn't enough for her parents and I don't understand why. What do I do?

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