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Re: New here, Dead fiancees parents are trying to take my son

I am sorry for your loss. My ex committed adultery and we divorced but both my parents have passed and I stiil mourn them. As time passed the pain has dimished greatly and incredible memories of them and my family growing up protect me from much of the bullshyt of life.

Do they think you are at fault somehow? Where you driving?

Who is taking care of your son now?

I think Elegirl nailed it in one.

If you where hit by a drunk driver a lot of lawyers will be chasing you. Beware !!! Start a thread on how to pick one and what to watch out for. A friends father was killed in the same way. Not only did he get close to 80% of the insurance my after 30% he asked her for but "case expenses" add only 50%. Then the SOB went after the SS funds for the children. So beware!

Many people do not realize if their spouse qualified for social security it pays a monthly benefit for child support. A roommate in college still recieved money from SS as a result of his father's death. A lot of hospitals have a case manager who may be able to help you.

Be well.

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