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Re: Thoughts on this

does she masturbate at all?

surprise her with a date. just spontaneously take her away middle of the week, get a hotel, and do something romantic. women need reason.

The baseball season is good, show her you don't want her damn schedule and just take control. Tell her in a nice way 'i'd have sex with you, but i got things to do, maybe another time'. She'll put up a hissy fit, but respond calmly and sweet and give her a peck on the lips and go about your business. she is controling you and that makes her feel like you are weak, take control and don't get emotional over it.

she likes the safety of knowing when it will happen, put her out of her comfort zone and just break the schedule. However, safety is not sexy, take control and put it on your terms, that'll turn her on.
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