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Re: New here, Dead fiancees parents are trying to take my son

Just as your son is your last link to your fiancée, he is also their last link to their daughter. It's incredibly selfish of them to even think of such a thing but it may just be because they're grieving and not thinking clearly. I would talk to an attorney ASAP about all this though. As far as I know there are no legal grounds to be able to take a child away from their sole surviving biological parent unless that parent is proven to be unfit by the state. I would cut all contact with her parents as if you blow up at them again and say something out of complete anger, they could try to use that against you. I would also talk to an attorney about getting a court order to keep her parents away from you and your son until all this is sorted out. Grief can make people do some crazy things, you need to protect yourself and son.

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