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Originally Posted by germanchip1 View Post
Good point that I should've added. I wish she was coming on vacation with me. In fact the original plan was to go to her Dads with all of the kids however she told me she couldn't take the vacation time. That's when I decided to take my kids to see their grandma rather than sit at home. But then to come find out that she took time off to go to New Orleans. Trust me I'd rather go on vacation together. I think that is important for couples. And I enjoy any time we get together.
That's an issue. I agree with you- this is a sign that you need to address in your marriage. Your wife is behaving independently, making decisions without considering you. Does she have kids too? This could stem from her experience being a single mom if so.

I'd explain to her that in order to have a solid marriage with you, you need her to work towards interdependence- where the two of you make decisions together, not independently.

Independent behavior can destroy love in marriage.
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