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Re: What Are The Long Term Effects Of An Affair?

Originally Posted by Mr Blunt View Post
d most of the time, satisfactory at others times, and poor on very rare occasions.

I have heard some people say that the marriage after betrayal can be great. That may be true for some people but it is not true in my case. I do not have to have a great marriage to have a good life and that is what my long term future as proven so far.

Hope my post helps someone.[/COLOR]
It is a very helpful and VERY REAL post...and I agree in my experience the marriages that do stay together after infidelity seem to be like this - the BS usually takes satisfaction from other areas of life and not the marriage - wise words Mr Blunt - that you do not need to have a great marriage for a good life...I think in most if not all cases you can never put it all back together again but it can be good enough to enjoy other aspects of life...WSs really have no idea how they permanently damage things do they?

“But not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood.” ― Robert E. Howard
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