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Re: What Are The Long Term Effects Of An Affair?

Originally Posted by CantBelieveThis View Post
Excellent post mr blunt, this is how i feel 4 years into R. I am so busy with a great career and hobbies that my M is no longer what i need in life to be happy, its just a part of it. I dont think the prior notion i had about M being your primary source was healthy at all.
I hardly think much about my wife A, i mean i havent forgot and little things cause some trigger here n there, but not too painful at all, just a faint memory easy to overcome. Our M is better in most regards, some hiccups here n there but cant expect perfection.
Marriage is hard, think about it, live with someone else your entire life, that may sound simple but its actually pretty hard when you consider is two different people, moods, attitudes, etc.....hell i cant get along with myself a lot of Times
Has your perception of your wife been forever altered/ It seems so or am I wrong?

“But not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood.” ― Robert E. Howard
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