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Re: What Are The Long Term Effects Of An Affair?

WSs really have no idea how they permanently damage things do they?

I think that is very true pre-discovery of the affair. Most eventually discover the enormous damage after the consequences are very evident but then it is too late. One of the positives that can come from reading a forum like this is that maybe some will read this forum that have not committed betrayal and can get a glimpse of the devastation and change their attitudes and actions.

When spouses that have children betray they also damage innocent children, not just the spouse and themselves. Betrayal causes enormous damage for years and sometimes for a life time and all you mostly get from betrayal is you get your warped feelings, sexual organs, and ego tickled for short time.

What do you gain in the long run when you get all the illicit sex you want but lose your integrity and respect from your spouse and children?
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