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Re: I need help with sustaining my marriage

Married-Man: I have been in personal/individual therapy for 7 years. My husband has gone off and on. We have gone to marriage therapy and sex therapy on and off as well. I'm sorry that I didn't mention that, I suppose I thought it went without saying. I don't have a clear mind right now. Yes, therapy has been (and is being) utilized. Though I suppose rather unsuccessfully.

GuyInColorado: I don't know how important specific details are to this... I understand that it is the cause, but the specifics I don't know if they really need to be shared. I've shared them with very few people. My marriage might be different, but it is not a sham... I understand that no one here can give me the magic answer to solve all my problems... I just want to do something to help my husband and save our marriage...
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