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Re: Really? Again!

Originally Posted by Thestarsarefalling View Post
Part of the issue is that I doubt any relationship after this will great. Maybe all relationships are tolerable at best after so many years. This is the only relationship I have ever had and I have never broken up with anyone. I met him at 18 and married a year later. Our parents are gone now, we are each other's family. It's hard to turn my back even when it makes sense. I like my life and I feel like divorcing him jeopardized my life, friends, schedule, house and support system for our child. I am worried that our child is getting old enough to notice the disfunction.
I think that you must have observed more than your share of bad relationships. Many decent people still respect and are kind and considerate to their spouses after many years together.

You may lose your support system for awhile and you have to decide what can give you the most happiness. If you stay in your current situation, you already know that you'll never find lasting happiness. By the way, if you're still in your mid thirties, you are still young. If making a decision is too difficult right now, it is not too early to start improving yourself. Take care of yourself physically, increase your knowledge, gain more self-confidence and realize your self-worth.
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