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Re: My Husband's Best Friend

In our case it was my wife's friends' who flirted with me. Seems that my picture and stories about my sexual abilities were passed along by word of mouth. My wife invited each of her friends into our bed for a threesome. Did not know my wife was realizing she is bisexual and using me as bait. So I had sex with each of her girlfriends. Her best friend, who we found out was bi only when we had a threesome, ended up with her own room in our home and joining us in a poly triad for most of out 44 years of marriage. Two of my friend's wives offered me sex. So beware of friends. The problem with friends is that you both have feelings for each other on some level, if even just friendship. Given a any, and I mean any if even passive, sign that their advances are welcome, they will work on you until you give in. You will think you have it under control, until the day that you do not.

My ex fiancee cheated on me with a friend who was always friendly with her. My ex girlfriend cheated on me with one of my best friends who was sharing a house with me. When it comes to sex, all bets are off and when emotions come into play, we humans tend to make bad choices. I think you are aware of the danger. I also think that you are flattered that someone other than your husband thinks you are hot and are doing nothing to stop his behavior because you like it and feeds your ego. I have been there myself. You have to decide how to handle this, but it has to be either a clean break, telling your husband why or play with fire and risk your marriage. I lost a fiancee of 5 years to a friend who liked to flirt with her and the same with an ex girlfriend. I was naive in those days but not anymore. Sex is the reason for our existence. Nothing else we do will pass our genes on after we are gone. It is our strongest urge. Rich, powerful and famous people have destroyed their marriages and lives because of sex. Do not think you are stronger than they are. If you swim with the sharks there is a very good chance that you will be bitten.

Many prefer to drown in a pool of their own morality rather than seek the safety of a different morality.

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