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You have not clarified why you have always disliked Chris from the beginning?

I doubt very much if a three year old boy would be able to gauge innuendo or wrong type of looks, (that surely is in your head).
Your other examples are not so convincing either....

To be specific why I have always disliked Chris was because his conversation mostly leaned on the topics that bordered on blasphemy against God and disrespect towards women. The two things which are very important to me. One being I am a Christian and the next being I am a woman. A friend of mine had told me back then that he only talked like that when I was around because he knew it pissed me off. And that I should ignore him. Which I did by leaving whenever he came around.

The part about my son, as I said I am not sure. But my son is very intelligent and highly sensitive. And I usually take his observation seriously as he has on more than one occasion been right about things he has observed and opinions he has formed. I don't discount his opinions because of age.
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