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If you are concerned about this vacation, get a VAR (voice activated recorder) and ke

This vacation is stressing me out. My husband and I do almost everything together and I follow him around where ever he goes. He was hurt when I told to do this trip without me. The only time we really argue is when I bring up the "Chris situation". Which I don't now. But because I can't get any resolution it's on my mind all the time. Which means Chris is on my mind all the time. I think up scenarios where he comes onto me, what should I do in such a situation, and should I scream, I should I slap him, should I give him a stern talking to...on and on I go. I think by the summer I would have aged ten years.

I just wished my husband would believe me and at least protect me from it. From Chris. He is always so hands on with me and in this case he has left me out in the cold it feels like.

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