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Re: My Husband's Best Friend

Chris is a single guy. He wants to bang you. Most guys do, single or not. How they express it is another matter.

I, for example, treat all my women friends as just that. They are friends and I respect that. I don't even approach boundaries in front of them. I keep it all to my imagination as I am...thinking of them late at night.

Some I talk a little dirty with. They like that and I like that. No hope for sex, so I don't even try. I just think of this set of friends a little more often late at night.

Some might take it to a little kissy-kissy. Some just say "screw it, let's ****".

And some, like Chris, fall dead square into the middle of that pack. With one small difference: HE doesn't know how to handle it socially as well as those of us that know better.

Trust me: The guy that behaves himself around you has just as much of a chance to try to lick your tonsils when hubby goes to pee as does Chris. More so, I'd say. Chris is VERY awkward socially. I don't see him making a move. That polite, quiet player sitting over in the corner by himself however...

SUMMARY: Your problem with Chris is one of degree. Chris's problem is that he's socially awkward. He's wired just like every one of your other mail friends. Most of them want to bed you. Sorry to say.
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