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Re: I hate sex but LOVE my husband

It's not weird that you fantasize about sex with your husband, but at the same time avoid sex with your husband. It suggests to me that you want to want sex with your husband. And if that's true, that you want to want sex with your husband, then you're already almost there.

What was your cancer treatment? Did you have radiation? Where was the radiation directed, what part of your body? Almost every kind of chemo causes a loss of libido. Radiation may have made that permanent. So your first job is to screw up your courage and talk to your cancer team. Sometimes the nurse navigator is the best person to start with, not so much the oncologist. You need to understand how your specific treatments typically affect sex drive and sexual arousal, which are two different things in women. Women can desire sex, as you do because you fantasize, and yet not experience sufficient sexual arousal to actually want to get naked.

Precancer, were you also not interested in sex?

How often do you masturbate?

How regularly, when you do have sex, do you orgasm?

Is your body image problem a life long thing or is this something that has increased as the years have?

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