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Re: I hate sex but LOVE my husband

Your brain needs to be wooed. For me I read a lot of erotic books. Keep my brain juice going and the other flowing as well.

Have you tried flirting with your H during the day? We do this all day. Little nips and taps when we are together. When he is at work, I send a flirty emoji etc. Don't masturbate when you are alone, save your passion for when you are with him.

The main sex organ for a woman is in her head. Your sexuality starts there. As we get older most of us don't have perfect bodies. I have awful stretch marks that looks like craters on Jupiter. But it is what it is. My H does not see them. He see me, the woman he loves.

I am sure all the faults you see in yourself, he is blind to them. He see his beautiful bride still and thats who you still are. So, girl forget the lumps and bumps. Start thinking of yourself as a sexy well loved woman. Get some nice undies, nighties and nail polish, and start dressing the part of a sexy woman. Take small steps and change one thing about yourself as you rework your thinking.
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