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Re: Panic attacks from D day?

Originally Posted by Thestarsarefalling View Post
I thought D day was divorce day but I guess it's the day you discover an affair. I get what I think is a panic attack randomly. It happens mostly if I try to verify phone records and emails. My hands and feet get really cold and I start shivering, my hands shake. Then my face gets really flushed and my respirations and heart rate increase. During the time I am of course very suspicious and paranoid my H is hiding something. It lasts a few mins and I am pretty tired after. Anyone else?
Yes, I did. Every time my wife was late, every time I saw a bus -she had an affair with a bus driver and so on.

But they faded and eventually stopped.

Many years later I was triggered. By the door entry code at my then employer's office block.

If anyone had asked me what year my wife has cheated on me I could not have said.

Ehrn I keyed the code in the first time it hit me that the code was the year of her affair.

It all came back to me. A very unpleasant experience. But it went away eventually. (Be afraid UK cheaters! CheaterVille has come to the UK!

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