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Has feelings for a women

Where to begin. Was told 4 weeks ago that my wife felt we were more like friends and not as a couple. Lacked passion. I was negative and needed to change. Went to a shrink. Started to look at some options for low testosterone. Basically I was the a hole of the relationship. Turns out I am not that messed up. If anything I have been looking at a lot of things in the wrong frame of mind. Small issues were just over analyzed...until today when I find out she has feelings for a women. A women who is a lesbien and works at her school! She said she has feeings for her and is not sure what to do. And she said its not me. Im a great husband, great father, no reason to leave you, treat me like a why are you interested in women? Now I'm a mess, hence Mr.Doormat! What the hell do I do now? My in laws will support her and want to get her some help. I just cant for the life of me figure out A, What went wrong and B. What do I do now. We have a 4 year old son who is in the middle. Any advice would be great. Yes I love her and cant see myself with out her. Have no clue what is next.

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