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Re: How to Handle Teenagers and Disrespect

Originally Posted by Evinrude58 View Post
If you Don't threaten and actually give consequences--- it will change.
Kids ignore yelling, reason, etc---- but like all humans, they remember and respect consequences.

If he misbehaves, he misses practice. Get backup from your weak disciplinarian husband.

If he still misbehaves, he loses tv and conputer privileges.

Don't give in, show strength.
Gain respect. Result--- different attitude. But it takes effort. Can't give in.
Can you help me figure out at what point exactly in my original post to have him miss practice (which is a MUCH bigger deal to him than losing device privileges)? When he was screaming in the car? Or earlier in the day when he was loudly balking at expected chores? Or when he criticized my parenting his younger bro?

And do I warn him at all first, or do guys just respect the instant consequence more?

I stopped the car twice and both times felt that I should not continue driving him, but backed out because I knew his coach would be disappointed and my son apologized. I know you're right- he should not be there right now. I need to know exactly at what point though to take it that far.

Thanks for your support, I'm still pretty upset (with myself mostly for allowing it).
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