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Re: How to Handle Teenagers and Disrespect

Originally Posted by Jessica38 View Post
For those of you with teenage boys (or who have raised teenage boys), can you share some practical ideas for handling the disrespect?

My son is now in the phase of openly talking back, arguing, and criticizing me and today was especially challenging.

I was 2 min late (and still 15 min early for when we actually needed to leave- he likes to get to sports practice VERY early) getting into the car because I'd been checking texts from his coach to make sure practice was still on (rainy today and coach said stay tuned). He was screaming in the car while I was checking texts.

I got in, told him he didn't need to scream, I was checking his coach's texts. Son ignores me, looks at phone. I say "Hey, please reply to me and treat me like a person!"

He yells "Why do you always say that- treat you like a freaking person!? It's so weird!"

I turn off the ignition and explain that I won't be driving him to practice if he treats me like that. He apologizes. We drive 2 streets and he starts arguing that all he did was ask why I always say to treat me like a person, it's so weird.

I pull over. He is giving me dirty looks. Finally, we get to practice, and he tells me that I make everything a big deal. I remind him that he's the one who was screaming in the car. He says "OMG! Everything is an issue!"

He screamed today when reminded to put away his laundry. He growled when told to do a chore before video games. Each time, I called him on it and it turned into "OMG, you're SO strict."

Then he started criticizing me for telling his brother to throw away the banana peel.

I'm at my wits end. He lost device privileges for his rudeness.

But it's happening more and more. And it is all directed at me. My husband doesn't get bothered when our son is disrespectful so I'm on my own here. I need tips, please.

I have 3 boys: 17, 15 and 11. Love them to death but the teenage years are definitely challenging!

I'm still trying to find the magic bullet myself so I'll be following your thread as well and you have my empathy [emoji173]

Biggest problem in our house is that Mr HB won't back me up as he finds discipline too stressful and he likes being the fun parent. He also has significant health issues so he loses patience faster and is more prone to let them get away with being rude just to make them stop.

I on the other hand can't stand it. A few things work temporarily: shutting off cell phones and blocking them out of wifi through the router. No rides to activities, that sort of thing.

They are expected to do chores but still fight back pretty regularly. It's very slowly improving the more consistent I am.

Stay strong! They will grow up eventually, right? That's what I keep telling myself anyway!

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