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Re: How to Handle Teenagers and Disrespect

You need to let him know when you and he are both calm that raising his voice to you in any way will result in xxxxxx. Expect to enforce that within two days.
Then expect to reinforce it with another consequence when he tests you. He won't test you a third time, most likely. If he does, follow through every time.
Work on one thing at a time.

But reinforce that one thing with an iron fist. Yelling at YOU? Lol, yeah, I'd get him, lol.

He will figure out quickly that you aren't bs'ing on the yelling.
Then do the same thing with not doing chores without complaint.

New kid in two months.

Iron fist. He says you're strict? He's baiting you. He knows exactly what you'll tolerate. Change your tolerance.

I'll bet he's an intelligent kid-- probably 110- 130 IQ at least.
Schoolwork comes easy to him?

I'm no expert, btw. My teenager is a jerk,too. But the boundaries have a narrower range, lol.
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