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Re: Panic attacks from D day?

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Maybe. Obviously my body feels like it's under attack. It only happens when I am searching for evidence of some kind. I am terrified I might find something. That is no way to live. Phone records mean so little because there are so many ways to message without a trace. Not sure if it's worth it. I found a suspicious number texting until 11pm while I was at work. Had a mild panick attack and confronted him but he was able to show me the text and it was harmless. All that and I didn't find anything.

I pushed him and pushed him to tell me the details about what the OW told him at their last meeting. I heard part of the conversation that was D day 2. He said she was talking about her break up. He has been avoiding giving details. He doesn't remember. I know she was upset and he was trying to find an excuse to leave. Finally he gave me some details that creeped me out and I start shivering again.

I don't want the panicked attacks to stop yet since they are keeping me from sticking my head in the sand.

I had them before but didn't realize what they were until today. Crazy. They must be pretty mild and they are over before any meds would help. I am not depressed or suicidal. Depression doesn't really start until everything settles down.
Just be careful because there is a chemical reason for them happening. It's like a allergy attack it can become acute and blow up into a whole disorder if you don't get some help.
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