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Re: What look do you prefer in a woman

When I go out of the house I dress nice, all pulled together. Hair, makeup, cute flattering clothes, matching accessories etc. I got my first real glimpse of how I might be viewed by others thanks to my husband. We met on a VERY impromptu first date. I was out running errands in the town he lived in when he said "let's meet". I had a red silky blouse on, navy pinstriped skirt and matching navy pinstriped heels with a red accent flower on them. Later, he told me his immediate impression of me as I walked toward him at the restaurant was that I was a "hoity toity" (no clue how to spell that term) aka stuck up snob, rich Biotch. He was sure I had a new Mercedes in the parking lot and was going to be a high maintence chick.

I was mortified later to hear this first impression, and am afraid how many other people have been drawn to that conclusion about me. He said the second we started talking he knew his first opinion was wrong (I'm a mass spaz). When I am home I am super casual. My parents taught me to always look nice when out in public. So I would say I'm overall in the middle. Hubby doesn't mind casual one bit, but he loves me all dressed up too.

As for what I like him to be in, casual for the most part, but nice button down shirt and sexy jeans for going out. Dress pants and dress shirt for more formal things. We like to both look nice, and are well suited that way.


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