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Re: What look do you prefer in a woman

I like my women to look intelligent.

I know that's almost a cheat answer but the two poll choices felt like two extremes with no real middle ground. Before meeting my current partner I dated women who wore casual to the point of looking like slobs. Their hoodies were creased, trainers dirty, hair unkept and they'd walk with their faces down to the ground like sulking children. I also dated women who were stylish to the point of being fake. Layers of make up, an overuse of perfume that led to coughing fits, expensive shoes that limited movement and a "holier than thou" attitude which was a massive turn off. Both looks made the women seem unintelligent.

My current partner looks intelligent. She can wear an old pair of jeans and a flannel shirt around the house but still look amazingly hot. She can wear high heels and a little black dress when we go out and looks fantasticly sophisticated and sexy. The big deal for me is that she doesn't fall into either extreme and doesn't allow her appearance to dictate her behaviour and attitude. She can adopt a certain style when needed but she always remains her usual intelligent self.
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