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Re: Has feelings for a women

You can only hope this is a Phase. And that she will tire of bumping bellies with a women.

You can only hope this is a Phase, but that means you cannot be Fazed by where her mouth and other parts have been.

Uh....[If and when] she ever returns to being heterosexual again.

I personally think that in the case of "many" women, it is more [a dissatisfaction] with men and not having enjoyable sex with men, then an outright love of women, an "I must-have a women" thing.

How does a married middle aged women, all of a sudden, one day say, "I am Lesbian". I don't think so. People can be manipulated into doing some strange things. This is just a case of being very dissatisfied in life and trying something different. She may be one of those twenty five percent of women who cannot have an "O" via PIV. Only a hand or oral works for her.

Just sayin.

I too would divorce her.

I will not share my wife with another person.

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