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Re: Planning holidays, dates etc

It's two months later and I have been overseas on two (his work related ) trips and had a great time. His secretary booked everything We really enjoyed the time together.

I broke my self promise and planned something recently , he was in and requested that the trip include nine holes on the golf course, I wanted to go sight seeing but told him he could go golf. However he then remembered he had a golf tournament that weekend, (for real I forgot about it too).

Am frustrated as I feel I am not really a priority in his life, work, golf, meetings, business plans, inlaws, everything else comes first.
However, I am heading home for over three months later in the year (work and sick relative) , so we will see what that will do for our marriage. I should have done this last year but I kept thinking it was unfair of me. I now know he would do it in a heart beat. I have a feeling it will show me that I can live without him (he may well discover the same).
That niggles at me but I no longer have the gut wrenching pain I used to have when I thought about us not being together anymore. I guess that is progress.
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