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Re: Planning holidays, dates etc

I'm a planner at heart... love organizing things. I'm more likely to arrange and plan things for us, come up with surprise ideas, because I enjoy doing it and he's into it. Other times, we'd generally plan together. Friends also know I get a kick out of hosting, I consider the details; in a strange way there's a pride I take in putting together elements of an experience. It's not something I could consistently do if I didn't genuinely enjoy it and embrace it as part of my personality. I love that he's open and flexible to roll with things.

My husband did plan a trip for us (more for me), that I wasn't involved with at all. I just showed up, he'd planned all the details, it was bloody fantastic! Being on the receiving end of the planning, I could understand the appeal of leaving it to the other person, especially when it's done so well..!

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