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Re: who does what in your house?

Originally Posted by bluebutterfly0808 View Post
i want to know how you figure out the division of labor in your home. ie - work, kids, finances, etc. who takes on what responsibility & how do you keep it fair? what about extracuricular activities? (i feel like all work & no play makes me a dull wife! no wonder why we have problems!) thanks!
From a my point of view, it's hard to evenly and fairly divide the responsibilities of the househould. I mean, if one still holds on to "old school" mentalities, well then you are kinda stuck. But if both do work (career, job, etc.), then I would break it down based on capabilities 1st and for most (who can do house repairs, garden, etc.), then after that, you can share (meaning trade off weekly of who does what) the duties of the house (like cooking, taking the trash out, bathing the kids, etc.).

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