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Tips for Traveling with Your Partner

There is nothing more freeing or inspirational than visiting a part of the world youíve never seen before. The only thing better than traveling is traveling with someone you love. Unfortunately, travel can sometimes be stressful, especially when you are traveling with a partner. If you and your partner want to see the world together, take some of these travel tips for couples into consideration.

1. Agree on a travel budget.

One of the main sources of trouble for couples is finances. If you want to avoid having squabbles with your partner over every dollar you spend during your trip, get together to agree on a travel budget beforehand. Be sure to include more than just the cost of your flight and hotel Ė talk about your budget for meals, spending money, and souvenirs or gifts. You should also talk about how you are going to split costs during the trip. One way to avoid problems is to save up ahead of time so you have all the money you are going to need for your trip Ė that way you wonít feel anxious about shelling out.

2. Spend some time alone.

When you are traveling with a partner you will be spending a lot of time together and that can sometimes lead to stress and short tempers. There is nothing wrong with taking an afternoon or even just a few hours to do something individually. Whether itís lounging by the pool or exploring the town, take time for yourselves even when you travel as a couple.

3. Play to each otherís strengths.

Relationships are about compromise, whether you are at home or on the road. While youíre traveling, keep each otherís strengths and weaknesses is mind. If you have a poor sense of direction, maybe you let your partner hold the map and give directions. If your partner is easily stressed, maybe you take the initiative to talk to the front desk if the hotel loses your reservation.

4. Donít overbook.

As much as you may want to squeeze every drop of fun you can into your trip, you need to leave some room for rest. Spending every minute of your time together can put a strain on the relationship and youíll need some time to decompress. Make sure you and your partner get plenty of sleep and donít skip meals Ė hunger can make anyone cranky.

5. Be patient when traveling with kids.

Traveling with a partner can be tricky at times, but traveling with kids is even more difficult. Youíll need to thoroughly think through your travel plans and prepare for contingencies. Make a detailed list to make sure you pack everything youíll need, and make a deal with your partner about who is going to take on what role during the trip (like discipline, hand-holding, etc.).
In addition to following these tips, donít forget to enjoy the benefits of traveling with a partner! Whether itís your honeymoon or just a weekend trip, take advantage of having some time off to enjoy with the one you love. And donít forget to take advantage of freebies if itís your honeymoon or anniversary!

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