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Re: Tips for Traveling with Your Partner

All good tips!

#1 has always been easy for us as we're both naturally frugal, my wife even moreso than I. We never end up wanting to spend more of our own accord, but occasionally one of us will convince the other that it's okay to spend more on something they want to do. More give than take seems to be a good way to go here.

#2 seems odd to many but it is spot on. All day, every day together can be too much of a good thing. Together needs to be the primary focus, but space must be given. When we drive, I generally take my bike. I can get in a good 2 hour ride and still spend a full, rich day with my wife. She is less likely to want to do something on her own, but when she does, I'm good with it.

Of course, trip duration is an important input. If it's a quick, weekend trip, it's easier to spend every waking moment together, but if it's a full week or two, some separate time may be in order.

#3 is also easy for us. We are very complimentary; that is she is strong where I need help and vice versa. We fit perfectly in that regard and gladly defer to the other depending on the topic at hand.

#4 was initially a problem for us. I am a high energy, short attention span guy who wants to blase through as much as possible as quickly as possible. When we first got married, I was astonished and confounded by her slower pace and need to call it a day when I still had so much more planned. I quickly learned her limits. That disconnect is also what allows us to successfully execute #2--she's happy to get a nap while I hit the trail for a few hours.

#5 should be obvious but can be difficult in execution. She was better at it than me based on our differences described in #4 above. It also helps if you learn to enjoy seeing the world through your child's eyes.
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