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No contact rule questions

Okay, I have read some on here and googled and read some articles. Have been thinking about going no contact pretty hard this week. What got that started was my ex coming over on mother's day. She mentioned guys in movies that she liked. And how she was flipping channels and so and so had his shirt off and that got her attention and she watched his movie. I made a comment about how they have all the time in the world to work on their bodies and she mentions some guy in town that she went to school with that has a body like that and that she bumps into him in town all the time. We'd been together for 4 years and apart for a year now and this is the first time she ever made comment of some other guy's body. It did bother me but I tried not to let on. And that's when I started thinking letting her go...because I can't stand the thought of her liking someone else. Or giving them that which she promised would always be mine. I still love her. She says she still loves me but it's not the same kind of love that it used to be. She even tells me she loves me. The last time it came up, she said their is no one else.

Anyway, if I go no contact should I just do it or should I tell her what I am doing and why? I realize I'll have to delete or block her on facebook. But what about her family? Do I say anything to them? Or just delete/block them? I have love and respect for them. Her 4 year old grandson was born while we were together. I love him too and will miss him. I feel like I am leaving him and them too. I was a part of that family. Her dad has always treated me with respect and has been very kind to me. No facebook though. Should I call him? Tell him face to face? i am conflicted. She was the best friend I ever had. And she says I am still the best friend she ever had.

All I can think about is her and how to handle this. Not all happy thoughts either. Sex was awesome. Then health issues and a loss of desire after a miscarriage caused the sex to stop. She promised it would go back to the way it was but it never did. I stayed with her even though we didn't have sex for the last year+ of the relationship. A lot of guys wouldn't do that. Now, if I call or text, she leaves me hanging and sometimes doesn't reply at all...UNLESS she wants something. Says she doesn't get a good signal, which she doesn't but if she wants something she gets a good signal and finds a way.

I could go on and on but I am seeking advice on how to proceed. A lot of her furniture and stuff is still here in my house so that still needs to be dealt with. Anyway...advice?

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