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Re: Do you have inappropriate sexual fantasies

Originally Posted by uhtred View Post
From another thread, I'm wondering how many people have sexual fantasies of things that are totally inappropriate to be shared. Incest, rape, etc etc. Things that would be so awful in real life that you would not share them with a partner.

Note - I'm not asking to hear *what* those fantasies are, just do they exist?
Sure, but not what you are thinking. My wife and I have gone through sex therapy sessions to save our marriage. We have negotiated a variety of grid-lock sexual issues with each other and know our respective boundaries.

I know absolutely that my wife will never give or receive oral. Do I occasionally fantasize about having oral sex with my wife? Yup.

I remember when dating, she promised me that after we were married anything a husband and wife would do was allowed. I remember in therapy when she said that she would never be able to do that. I know she would be revolted and frightened if I told her I fantasized about having oral sex with her, so I won't, but she is still my wife and I love her.

Since I am aware of the other thread. None of my fantasies involved rape, incest, underage girls, or such things. They usually involve my wife, a past girl friend I dated (before my wife), or some future time what I might do if I outlive my wife. If my wife would ask me about my fantasies, I would clean them up a bit and share them with her, but I also know that she wants absolutely no knowledge of my sexual desires. She knows what we have agreed to and for her that is all she wants to know.
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