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Re: No contact rule questions

Originally Posted by SunCMars View Post
She is gone.

What she evolved into is still in your life.

Her mentioning other men's bodies is trying to make you jealous.

Her stopping sex with you was the relationship killer. I will assume that her desire has disappeared not the physical possibility of having sex?

Did she have a total hysterectomy and removal of the ovaries and Fallopian tubes? If so she would need hormonal replacement treatment to improve her sexual function.

If she can have and enjoy sex, but she chooses not to, I would start dating other women. This will make her come around quickly.

Or not. This is what I would do. Force her to make a decision.
It was her desire. Miscarriage. Hormones. Physically she has pain too. That is why I was understanding. I don't understand why she tried to make me jealous. She is the one that left.
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