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How to deal with my situation?

I posted my story under separation/divorce but so much more is going on now.

My husband left me and our 2 young kids about 3.5 months ago for another woman (one of his employees and a "friend" of mine). He does not believe it is cheating because he told me he wanted a separation "before" he started dating her. I know this is a lie. Maybe there is truth he didnt do anything physically, but he defintely emotionally cheated.

Anyways, things have gotten really bad between us because I don't think he is being appropriate flaunting his relationship with OW in front of our kids. We are going through a custody/visitation battle now but it will be a few weeks before our court date.

He has become extremely wreckless. He doesn't stick to the pickup/dropoff schedule. He has OW watch the kids while he is at work. Last month he video chatted our son for his birthday from OW's bed. Today he video chatted our kids and also had OW and her son talking to our kids.

I have been doing limited contact (kids and finances only). But I am so completely out of words and thoughts. They both seem to be happy flaunting it in my face how happy they are. I obviously never want to get back with someone so disresepectful, however it is still pretty hurtful. I feel even more hurt for our kids. They of course love their dad bc they dont understand what he has done, but one day they may realize how easy it was for him to replace us.

Going through so many emotions right now. I've been doing well trying to move on with my life and learning to be happy single, but once I'm in a good place feeling better about myself and my life, he flaunts OW and her son in front of me or tells me how happy he is to not be with me anymore. He literally does everything in his power to knock me off my horse. The crazy thing is I have never said anything negative to him during our separation. Once he starts texting all the mean things he has to tell me i just ignore it. Then the next few days we dont speak and he goes back to normal like he never said a thing.

How am I suppose to handle someone so toxic???

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