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Re: How to deal with my situation?

You handle it like a lot of other women do. You limit contact to his picking up the kids and then returning them after his visitation rights are over. There is no need to invite him into your home, that is on you. If there is business to discuss, keep it on the phone or meet him in a restaurant or other neutral place. Tell him that the OW is not welcome in your home or when he meets you. You are within your legal rights so man up and show him who the boss is. If he tries to throw his new girlfriend at you, remind him that she likes to date married men and you sincerely hope that she does not do it again to him. Leave it at that. It will gnaw on his brain for a long time. Or you can do like one of my girlfriends did when I broke up with her and say she is happy that I found a girlfriend who is OK having sex with a man with a small penis. I didn't but it got into my head. If his penis is not small, substitute something else like someone who ejaculates so fast or whatever will sting his machismo. You have custody iof the kids so act like it.

Today half of the kids out there come from divorced parents. It is no big deal anymore. My niece and nephew grew up just fine with divorced parents. One went to college and married another college graduate and has a nice family and home. The other had a baby a few months ago and is living with a man who owns his own business and will be marrying soon. Many feel that it will damage the kids if they do not give into every thing their dad does or lets him visit whenever he wants. It is far better to let the kids grow up in a loving home with you than a toxic home where parents are always fighting and do not love each other. Either way is a blueprint of how your children will view marriage and it is much better that they do not grow up thinking marriage is loveless, involves cheating and mistreating their spouses. You can explain to your kids that daddy has a new girlfriend and will want to talk about her a lot but you will love them as she never can and not to take sides.

Many prefer to drown in a pool of their own morality rather than seek the safety of a different morality.

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