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Husband with no sex drive...

It's been almost 4 years now since we've been able to be intimate. I'm not saying he doesn't try from time to time but he can't even get it up and after 4 years it gets old. The doctors say he's got low testosterone. He's been on all types of medication with no success. He's dropped the weight and cleaned up his diet with no success. I'm not sure that's the problem anymore??!! It's crushed my self esteem and he does not care that I do not "get off". He does not help me around the house anymore or with anything EVER.
I've finally shut down sexually I do not want anyone touching me including him and I can't even watch porn or sex scenes on TV without getting disgusted. Now he wants a divorce. He says he is who he is and if that's not good enough for me then I need to leave. He says he does not ask me to do anything around the house or for him so therefor why should he help me?! WTF???
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