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Re: Infedility or sexual liberation: cybering and porn in a relationship?

I'm going to be the odd ball here...

Porn in the past has made me feel very inadequate in the bedroom. I'm not going to let my husband tie me up and stick objects in every hole on my body. Nor am I going to have a **** in my mouth one in my ***** and one in my ass at the same time, and while I enjoy giving anus is an exit only.

Half the s-t they do on pornos I would never do sorry. Have I watched it before...yes...have I made some before (homemade) yes. Am I a little older but a lot wiser (speaking for myself here not everyone else) yes.

I think the real idea like truckers girl was stating is if he started having an emotional relationship with someone else and their main choice of conversation was if he was HARD and what she was wearing. I would blow a f-king head gasket...and not the good way.

At one point in time my husband started receiving naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend, after we were married. Do I consider this I consider that wrong, and that it needs to stop NOW, yes of course. Do I give a darn if they will ever be able to see each other again, no. Just the fact that he would rather have the pictures of someone he used to love in his mind instead of his current and faitful that is a reason to get pissed off.
Do I give a darn if he watches porn, no...
If I come home and he's watching it in the living room with his pants down while our son is napping next to him on the couch, or maybe even awake. expose my children to that kind of s-t I'm going to cuss you the f-k out put our kids in my car and drive to the nearest lawyers office. They will learn about that when it's one will teach them that, thank you. He's a big boy and I'm not his momma, he can do whatever he wants. Except cheat, that entitles me to leave also.

But there's different levels of porn...if I catch you looking at child porn in my home...I'm turning your ass in.
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