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Re: Truth be told: When itís OK to tell a white lie

Lying is lying...if you believe otherwise, you are in fact lying to yourself. If I find out my husband has lied to me he gets a major *****ing...white, black, red, or pink lie...that *****ing includes not being ready to rock his bones for a while also. Why would you want to share your body with someone who thought it was ok to lie to you. Isn't this supposed to be a marriage/self-help site...if a counselor told me and or my husband to "sometimes" lie to each other...I'd get up from the comfy couch, cancel any further sessions with them and contact the liscense dept. and let them know they are a crock of crap.

Sure...lie to each other...that will make you closer...
Who gives a crap if he likes my hair cut...Id rather him say it sucked but be honest with me...if I like it who else body baby.
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