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Re: 5 year long relationship... no proposal. What should I do?

its very understandable how your feeling...5 yrs is a long time. When he says he's "not psychic" and cant predict the future, Im sorry, but that's a bunch of bull..

he does not have to be psychic to know how he feels about major decisions in his life, such as for example finishing college, changing jobs, buying a new car...etc. Does he need to be psychic to know whether he will for example finish getting a degree, or does he know what his plans are? of course, he (hopefully) knows what his plans are...

the same with marriage plans. Marriage is not something that happens to psychic people, lol, its something that most people plan for. The line he gave you is a way to cop out of any responsibility, its' out of his hands, because he's not a psychic..

anyways 5 yrs is plenty long enough for him to decide either way...

if I were you I would bring it up-- dont wait for that perfect moment to do so, because your anxiety might prevent you from ever doing so. Just go ahead and ask him, what his plans are.
if he claims "sorry, I dont know, Im not a psychic" explain to him he doesnt need to be..he needs to make a decision like he hopefully does with other important things in his life
just point to those things as evidence he is capable of doign so

you deserve to know, because what if it goes another few years and then he says he has decided to move on and marries someone else, or deserve alot better than that

if he's a grown man, he should be capable of knowing his own mind and making decisions
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