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I dont understand why he is so mad at me.

Today as normal I sent my fiance a text message letting him know that I am safe at school. I know I wouldnt get a message back from him until around 11 when he wakes up. After my Biology 2 class my best friend wanted me to go to the dentist with her because she was scared and her boyfriend couldnt go. I went to be a good friend and she told me that my fiance likes another girl more than he is letting on. I trust my fiance more than anything in the world, but I still wanted to get his side of the story. When I finally got ahold of him around 12 I asked him if the rumor of him liking another girl was true and he got extreamly upset and irrated at me. He already said he doesnt and I went and asked him again. Maybe a wrong move on my part, but did he really have to get so upset with me. He sent me a text an hour ago saying "you dont trust me so how can you love me if you dont trust me" When I told him I do trust him and im sorry if I havent been showing it, he then send " You cant just flip from not trustin me to trustin me like that".

Why is he so mad at me I am trying everything I can to show him or tell him that I do trust him, but its so hard since he wont answer my calls (only called him 2 times) or answer my texts when I told him that I do trust him.

How do I make sure he knows that I do trust him because I am at the point where I would do anything if he would just believe me that I do.

*Could it be a possibility that I hurt him when I asked him that question because I have already asked it before and he is trying to get me to think he doesnt believe that I love him or trust him to hurt me back?*

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