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Re: Is this wrong?

I just want to tell you, my husband is being raped by me all the time.

When I am extremely horny, three times a day, morning, lunch, and night. He never complained, he is just happy that he has a wife who is this horny. He doesn't say anything nasty. For him, it is not a big deal, he just needs to have an erection, I hop on top of him and take him, get what I want, I am happy, then I do things to make him happy, we are both happy.

When I am not super horny, I want sex every day, daily orgasm has been something I cherish about my life. My husband doesn't want sex every day, so very often he has to lie there for me to have fun. He knows it is important for me to have my orgasm, he fulfills my needs, what a wonderful man he is.

You have something very valuable, but you don't see it. Very often some people make this mistake, they don't see the value of what they have until they lose it.
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